Dragon Flyz Wiki
First Appearance: Dragon Dawn
Affilitation: Dragonators
Species: Human
Voiced By: Norm Spencer

"Dragon Flyz, maximize!"

Z'neth is Dragonator One, leader of the Dragonators. As the oldest of the siblings, Z'neth has taken responsibility for them as field leader of the Dragonators. His dragon is Riptor, and he first appears in the Dragon Dawn.

As the leader of the Dragons Flyz children, he is seen as his main enemy by Dread Wing. The mutant Lord is indeed recognizing clearly surviving skills to Z'neth and most of the time, will engage combat against him and no other Dragon Flyz.

Z'neth is a wise and courageous leader. He acts with honor and integrity but tries to stay moderate in his decisions. When he can, he will chose to save the biggest number, but won't hesitate to risk his own life for his family. He seems to share a relationship of complicity with Apex with whom he commonly teams when the group is divided.