First Appearance: Dragon Dawn
Affilitation: Dragonators
Species: Human
Voiced By: James Micheal Bohanek

"Hey a little razzle dazzle never hurts!"

Peak is the youngest - and the most reckless and mischievous of the siblings and rider of the dragon Wingstorm. His name indicates 'the top', as of a mountain or hill.

Peak is stated to be 17 in the series, and one the youngest Dragonator of Airlandis. Due to his age, he is commonly trying to prove his skills to his siblings. He enjoys stunt-flying on dragon-back, which land him in trouble most of the time.

Although he acts mostly without thinking first about the consequences and seems as a result quite egoistical, he is a reliable friend and brother as he is quite always the first to jump in action if anyone is in danger, particularly any of his relatives.

His way of doing is regularly making him in conflict with his elder brother and leader of the group Z'neth and he hates when Apex is calling him "little brother", particularly in front of people external to the family.

It is shown in the last episode that he has a crush on Nora, but definitely needs to find out how to approach women.

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