First Appearance: Darkness Bound
Affilitation: Dramen
Species: Mutant
Voiced By:  ???

  "I need no one to take what is mine"

Kraco was a Dramen mutant that appeared in the epsiode Darkness Bound. Kraco is the leader of a small band of dramen warriors who Dray suspected to be the one who destroyed his village. Since he seeked to rule over old earth he rivaled with  the ambitions of Dread Wing. However the two formed a tempary allience that Kraco would help Dread take over Airlandis and the skies, while Dread claimed to let Kraco rule over all of earth, though he got to ambitious and Dread betrayed him in turn by attacking his warriors, he is eventually captured by the Dragonators and returned back down to earth.

Kraco appears to be a very proud and ambitous dramen warrior and appears to have a sense of honour and chivallry when he stopped his dramen form chasing after the dragonators when they returned him home.

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