Dread Wing
First Appearance: Dragon Dawn
Affilitation: Warnado
Species: Mutant
Abilities: Flight
Voiced By: Jonathan Davis

"Blackheart thirsts, but my thirst for power is even greater."

Dread Wing is the ruler of the earth and lord of the volcanic fortress Warnado. He is the main antagonist of the the TV series who seeks to find out the scientific secret of the crystals so he can make Warnado rise into the skies like the floating city Airlandis.

He is the rider of the fearsome dragon Black Heart and his main lieutenants are Nocturna and Fryte. Gangryn owns a special rank as the scientist of the clan.

During the series, Dread Wing is in contact with other Lords of his kind, and their behavior suggest a constant conflict between clans to rule over the territory. Vydak and Kraco are the ones we can see in the series.

But Dread Wing is the only one Dramen Lord to have a scientific interest among them, which suggest he is one of the smartest, as he might thinks brutal force alone won't make him rule over all.

It is indeed shown in the series that Dread Wing is not the most powerful physically as he lose his one-on-one fight against Vydak.

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