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1995 Series

Flying Action Figures w/ Dragon Launcher

Series 1 (1995)

These deluxe action figure packs included the flying action figure and a sculpted plastic dragon launcher.

Series 2 (1996)

Unlike the single-carded figures, these sets were released in very small amounts, making them incredibly rare and hard to find.

  • Summit (Galactic Guard with Double-Strike Dragon)
  • Peak (Solar Ambush with Blue Star Dragon)
  • Orak (with Thunderfang Dragon)
  • Nocturna (with Steelmaw Dragon)
  • Z'neth (Blue Falcon with Savage Cloud Dragon)
  • Summit (Bright Thunderbolt with Sky Fury Dragon)
  • Peak (Electric Force with Wingstorm Dragon)
  • Dread Wing (Red Fury with Blackheart Dragon)

Flying Action Figures (no launcher)

Series 1 (1995)

These single-packed figures featured alternate-colored costumes of the characters from the TV series. These were primarily repainted versions of the figures from the Dragon Launcher packs.

Series 2 (1996)

A second wave of single-carded action figures were planned, but were ultimately cancelled for unspecified reasons. Strangely, Apex (called Vega in Italian markets) was revamped as a male character for this set of action figures.

Flying Action Figure & Gremwing w/ Dragon Launcher

Deluxe Dragon Launcher w/ Flying Action Figure & Gremwing

Battle Blazers

These action figures would light up while being launched from their dragons. In many markets, the line was called Blazin' Battle Screamers.

F.I.S.T. Force

  • Bluebeam (also known as Damon)
  • Gnatzman (also known as Hyperion)
  • Jamkon (also known as Saetta del Sole)
  • Zingwing (also known as Mistral)
  • Zoomfire (also known as Icarus)

Sky Dragons

  • Eaglefire
  • Tempest

Kids Meal Figurines

Kids Meal Figurines.

In 1997, Burger King introduced a Kids Meal tie-in for both Dragon Flyz and Sky Dancers. While Sky Dancers included the three female leads on "spinning bases", Dragon Flyz did the same for the three male leads:

2005 Series

The toy line was revived in 2005 alongside Sky Dancers by toy company Play Along Toys. However, the relaunch failed to find an audience and no future lines were created.

Action Figure Packs

Some of these action figure packs included DVDs of various episodes of the Dragon Flyz (TV series).

Dragon Packs

Dragon Air Assault