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Dragon Flyz had a children's book series that was released in the 90's by Ladybird Books.

List of books

  • Dragon Dawn - It's the year 4180. The evil warlord Dread Wing rules over the dark, mutated wastes of Earth, while the last humans survive on the floating city of Airlandis. Only the Dragon Flyz - Z'neth, Summit, Apex and Peak - can stop Dread Wing's plans to destroy the whole human race...
  • First Flight - The mutated wastes of Earth are a dark and dangerous place, as Dan and Mina discover on their first flight. It's down to Z'neth and the fearless Dragon Flyz to rescue the children from the warlord Dread Wing's evil clutches, before it's too late...
  • Gangryn's Last Chance - Gangryn is frightened. Very frightened. He's got twenty-four hours to work out how to destroy Airlandis before Dread Wing destroys him, and the Dragon Flyz will have only hours to stop the mutant's evil plans...
  • Wild Dragons - Apex has the special powers to understand the dragons' thoughts. During another dangerous mission to Earth, a dragon goes missing, and Apex knows why. Will the call of the wild be stronger than the dragon's loyalty to Apex and the citizens of Airlandis?