Dragon Flyz (TV Series)

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The Dragon Flyz Animated Series aired in 1996, produced by Gaumont Pictures. Set in the 41st century, Dragon Flyz takes place after The Cataclysm devastated the earth and forced humans to take residence in the sky. The creatures that stayed on earth became mutated, like the vile Dread Wing, who sought out to conquer the sky city Airlandis. Standing in his way are the Dragonators, a team of trained dragon-riders who serve as protectors of Airlandis. The series concluded in 1997.

List of Episodes

  1. Dragon Dawn
  2. The Day of the Dragon
  3. Darkness Bound
  4. Son of Dread
  5. Amber King
  6. Crystal Fire
  7. The Defector
  8. Warnado Rising
  9. Bugz
  10. Lost Eden
  11. Mount Alayas
  12. Scavenger
  13. Dark Dramen
  14. The Eclipse
  15. There Can Be Only One
  16. Cifex
  17. Into Hell's Gate
  18. Ground Zero
  19. Betrayed
  20. The Portal
  21. Dread Wing Rules, Part 1
  22. Dread Wing Rules, Part 2
  23. The Children's Crusade
  24. The Chameleon
  25. The Accused
  26. The F.I.S.T. Fighters

UK Videos

  • Dragon Dawn and 2 Other Stories
  • [[
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