First Appearance: Dragon Dawn
Affilitation: Dragonators
Species: Human
Abilities: Telepathy
Voiced By: Donna Daley

"Better a synthetic heart than no heart at all"

Apex is Dragonator Three, and third oldest of Aaron's children. Her dragon is Blazewind, and she first appears in Dragon Dawn.

She has a unique mind ability that she probably own from her father's blood. She can uses telepathy to communicate with the dragons or even half-dragons like the Dramens. If she tries hard enough, she can even take control of them. In the episode 19 "Betrayed", she was even able to counter Gangryn's Mind Machine and then change her telepathy into telekinesis, and blow away Dread Wing.

Apex is fascinated with animals and nature. We can see her several times through the series with her father, studying the fauna and flora of Airlandis' Dome. She was impressed by all the knowledge of Aaron regarding nature.

Apex had a brive love story with Cifex.

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