Its name may either be a play on "Atlantis", or the phrase 'air land is'; whereas the second and third syllables may be a reference to the word "island". It is an air-borne city (see Laputa), golden in color. Five large 'bio-spheres' hover in its centre, each simulating a different natural habitat and thus the breeding grounds and shelter of the species rescued from 'The Cataclysm'. In one episode, Aaron, the protagonists' father, is seen tranquilizing and tagging a polar bear, on purpose to monitor it, in the Arctic tundra bio-sphere.

The city's most important region is its 'power core', operated by the engineer Orac, who requires a regular supply of 'Amber'. Additionally Airlandis has a runway for the Dragonators, a Dragon aviary (where the Dragons reside when not needed to fly), a Council Chamber (where matters of government are negotiated), a Control Room (known as 'Skywatch', where a team of uniformed men keep watch on the city's systems and monitor the skies), and a prison. Dialogue implies that Airlandis is a temporary solution, whereof the populace seek a residence on the surface untouched by the Cataclysm.

It is implied in one episode that some humans escaped the Cataclysm aboard a space station, though little is said of this.

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